About us

The activities of the Arbor Entrepreneurs Association dates back almost 20 years.

The advocacy organisation was founded in 2003 by companies interested in woodworking.
One of the reasons for its establishment was the emergence of multinational companies who have increasingly displaced and made it impossible for local wood processing companies to operate.

The basic concept of Arbor is the long-term protective management of forests, local processing of the extracted raw material, to create jobs and livelihoods at home for those who live here. The Arbor Entrepreneurs Association has been operating as an association for 10 years.

Since then its field of activity has been extended, the organization of wood industry entrepreneurs has now been transformed into an advocacy organization for small and medium-sized enterprises at a local, county and national level. It continues to actively contribute to the economic development of the region supporting its members with more and more services and sectors within the Arbor . Its own defined task continues to be the training of the younger generation, the supporting of young and female etrepreneurs, the awareness of nature but also participates in organizing community events and charitable movements.